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Curious about working with me? Here's what some collaborators and clients have said... 

"Peter is one of the most empathetic, meticulous and passionate film makers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does he know how to tell deeply engaging stories but he also knows how to listen, to move between actors and crew seamlessly while problem solving on the fly. On set he is a calm, level-headed leader and an excellent collaborator. He has vision, heart and creativity."

Emilia Quinton - Cinematographer


"Peter was absolutely fantastic! He was my photographer, director, producer, videographer, coordinator, talent scouter and creator all rolled into one. In the end, he delivered one of the best marketing outputs my clothing line has seen. On top of that, he is just a blast to be around. I think his greatest strengths are his ability to help keep things rolling smoothly, his calmness and his ability to tell a story with pictures and images. He really captured the personalities of every model on set and made everyone feel comfortable. I highly recommend Peter for all things creative and will certainly collaborate with him again on future projects." 

Iris Barnes - Owner & Designer of Simply Ma'aM


"As a frequent collaborator of Peter’s, it’s incredible to witness his capabilities of bringing his visions to life. As someone who has had the pleasure of being an Art Department Head on some of his works, Peter always leads his sets with professionalism, creativity, and a genuine desire for collaboration. He is constantly challenging himself to push the envelope and tell stories that demand our attention."


Eric Tumolo - Set Decorator/Production Designer